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neddy  siraya

NEDDY’s debut short film “I’m Not Sure Today” had its world premiere at Chicago Feminist Film Festival and also went on to screen at several other film festivals around the world. The film itself is a personal and intimate exploration andreconciliation of female existential sorrow. The audience is given a brutally honestand humanistic portrait of the female mind and an insight into her preoccupationwith the past while portraying the fragility of women’s emotions. Her film speaks to women as it captures and encapsulates truly relatable characters that resonates to the ‘modern everyday woman.’
Coming from an international upbringing, Neddy is unique and open-minded, she sees the world differently and is willing to readily embrace new ideas. Her strength, however, lies in her creativity brought upon by her background, education and experience.
n e d d y

n e d d y

I'm Not Sure Today (Short Film) - An Excerpt

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